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Be in Balance Nutrition & Weight Loss

Nutritional Medicine
The importance of good nutrition and how it can dramatically improve your life

What you eat directly affects your health - good nutrition is probably the single most important decision that you’ll ever make about your health.

Be in Balance will assist you in selecting a range of foods and beverages that will provide the right balance of nutrition for your individual nutritional needs.

In the last 20 years we have lost all common sense when it comes to food. Deluged with advertising and misinformation we have simply transferred our control over nutrition to the refined and processed food industries, trusting that they understood our busy lives and need for quicker, easier food preparation that still supplied nutrition. They understood, but it seems they didn't care. Easy, they supplied. Nutrition, they didn't. Who knew?

Beyond our poor diets, we are living in a seriously addicted generation. Conventional medicine offers us heavy-duty drugs, antibiotics, anti-anxiety, antifungals, antidepressants, antihistamines, anti-inflammatories and steroids. We've grown to trust pills and surgery for everything that ails us. We are turning into a bunch of toxic zombies!

Depression, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, anxiety, bulimia, anorexia, obesity, high blood pressure, severe allergies, diabetes, anemia, candida, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, skin eruptions, impaired intellectual functions, loss of sexual desire, PMS, accelerated aging, and a lack of interest or discontentment in living… all of these, and more, can be attributed to poor diet, and an overabundance of prescription drugs. Nutrition has a clear impact on both life- and non-life-threatening issues. It can influence your state of mind, ability to learn and concentrate, your level of alertness, health and development of your brain, the severity of syndromes, overall physical and mental development, and the duration and intensity of your colds, just to name a few.

Naturopathic Approaches To Weight Loss

There are many ways to lose weight.

The simple formula of "eat less, exercise more" works for most people. As naturopathic practitioners, we witness patients losing weight on any number of diets and then regaining those pounds almost as soon as they've finished dieting.

From a naturopathic point of view, it's interesting to understand why a person is overweight and how he/she can change their eating habits for lasting change. The naturopathic approach to excessive body weight is (as it is with all other unhealthy conditions) to find and treat its cause. Naturopathy emphasises the body's ability to heal itself and to minimize interference with the healing process. Although many diets produce weight loss, they can also negatively impact the body.

Causes of being Overweight

There are many reasons that people are overweight. We tend to overemphasize the self-control part-imagining that overweight people simply lack self-control. This is not true in all cases. Laboratory tests can reveal physical problems underlying weight gain. Without treating the cause of those extra pounds, when a person cuts back on calories and increases exercise, he/she may still find it a significant struggle to lose weight.

Be in Balance has several very successful programs. To find out more please contact us.

Call us today to get a healthier life 0432 194 735

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