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Be in Balance Homoeopathy

The History

Homeopathy was discovered in 1790 by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, after a long search for a safe and effective means of curing his patients. Hahnemann strove to make reproducible remedies of high quality by hand, and we have expanded his vision with our own potentizer to mimic dilution and succussion. Using ultra pure water we now make the most accurate high potencies available.

The Pinkus Potentizer

Our revolutionary potentizer has enabled us to improve the quality of remedy production whilst remaining true to the philosophy of homeopathy. Using the latest technology, our skilled team includes homeopathic pharmacists, chemists and homeopaths with a unique understanding of how remedies should be made. We have a commitment to making homeopathy more accessible, and offer a range of self help books and a computer program to simplify the subject for everyone. This enables customers to treat their family and pets as well as horses, sheep and cattle.

Ainsworth Homoeopathics

About Ainsworths

For more than 25 years, Ainsworths have been manufacturing and supplying homeopathic remedies backed by a professional and caring service. Be in Balance is a distributor of Ainsworth homeopathic Products. Please contact us for pricing and product sheets.

The high quality of our product and service remains paramount and we are proud to offer the world's largest range of homeopathic remedies.

Have You Heard?
Over 5000 farmers have realised the benefits of Ainsworths remedies, and that the natural approach to treating disease in their animals is preferable to immune-damaging drugs and antibiotics which, in cattle, affect milk production. Our bespoke service allows you to access 3500 remedies in a wide range of potencies. The remedies are available in a variety of forms including tablets, pills, granules, powders and liquids.

How does it Work?

Rather than fighting or suppressing your symptoms, homoeopathy uses ‘gentle but powerful’ natural preparations, designed to stimulate your body’s own healing abilities to work with your body and not against it. This helps to strengthen and not weaken your body’s healing energies to bring about balance and harmony in the body.

The guiding principle of homoeopathy is “Let like be Cured with Like” and so the medicines are prescribed on the basis of the “Law of Similars”. Hahnemann in his research discovered that giving repeated doses of a substance to a healthy person would produce the same symptoms that it could cure. He called these “provings” and this research was conducted over time using groups of healthy people and thousands of remedies. They recorded their symptoms which were collated into a large book called a “repertory” which professional homoeopaths use today to help choose which remedies may help cure their patients. An easy example is the remedy “Coffea” which is produced from a starting substance of coffee. A person requiring this remedy may have an overactive, sensitive nervous system, insomnia, and an excessive production of urine - all symptoms that drinking too much coffee may cause. Based on the law of similars a minute or infinitesimal dose of ‘Coffea’ for this person can relieve these symptoms.

The Ainsworths retail range uses the most common remedies for common ailments and has simplified how to choose the remedies. You will see that looking at the symptoms eg. of a cold such as what makes it better or worse and how did it start are noted and means that 2 people with a cold each may have a different remedy that suits them best. The aim is to choose to best fit remedy, not everything in the description has to match, just look for the description that fits best. It is great to use the remedy brochures or the remedy finder computer program!

With the right remedy a small dose can have a ripple effect to heat the body on many levels physically and emotionally.

Please contact us for pricing and product sheets.

Call us today to get a healthier life 0432 194 735

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