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Be in Balance Therapies

Services and Consultations

• Initial Naturopath Herbal Medicine Consultation
• Follow up Consultation (1hr)
• Follow up Consultation (up to 30mins)
• Nutritional Guidance Consultation (focus on dietary advice 1hr)
• Photographic Iridology
• Homoeopathic Consultation
• Australian Bush Flower Essence Consultation
(including Birth Chart Numerology)
• Meditation
• Reiki
• Weight Loss Programs and Advice
• Eating Disorders
• Depression
• Female sexual health
• Male sexual health

• Sleeping Disorders
• Pregnancy and Fertility
• Autism
• Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure
• Mental Health

Naturopath Herbal Medicine Consultation
Looking at the person as a “whole”, a thorough review of all body systems, lifestyle, and brief nutrition review. An individualised treatment program will be developed which may include a prescription for a herbal preparation and/or practitioner strength nutritional supplements, ways to use food as medicine, and lifestyle support. Any physical acute, chronic, or non-specific ailments can be addressed. Promotes self healing, supports, strengthens, and nourishes the body.

Nutritional Guidance Consultation 
A thorough focus on nutrition to assist the balance of weight control, energy and emotion. After discussing your nutritional goals and looking at current dietary patterns, this session gives plenty of practical, easy to implement take home advice, and an educational look at how foods work in the body. Individualized nutrition advice will be provided for any specific health conditions. Nutrition plays a major role in restoring and maintaining balanced health.

Iridology Consultation 
Eyes are the “windows to our soul” as every organ and tissue in the body is connected to the iris by way of the nervous system. Fibres, markings & colourings of the iris are examined to determine under and over function of the body systems and genetic tendencies. Using top line digital photographic equipment an iris health evaluation allows a fascinating insight into your physical and emotional health traits for prevention of future illness. Optional extra: Comprehensive report CD with iris photos.

Homoeopathy Consultation 
“Let like be cured with like” - homoeopathic natural medicine uses minute doses of a substance to stimulate the body’s vital force allowing the body to balance and heal itself instead of fighting or suppressing symptoms. Prescribing a constitutional or ‘complete’ remedy can bring profound changes in ailments of a physical, mental, or emotional nature. Homoeopathy can be used to treat ailments of a deep seated chronic nature, or acute ‘first aid’ prescribing is also available. Homoeopathy also works great for children, elderly, and is great for animals too! During a consultation your individual expression of mental, emotional, physical, and meta-physical aspects of your life are all important to determine a personal remedy. Homoeopathy is gentle, effective, and powerful.

Australian Bush Flower Essences Consultation
(includes numerology birth chart & personal essence remedy) 
**For emotional support** Flower essences work quickly and deeply, addressing psychological, spiritual, and physical states to bring about harmony and emotional balance. Positive qualities that reside deep inside us are brought forth, and emotional blocks are removed. This session allows you to talk freely and confidentially about any emotional issues. A simple yet effective numerology birth chart is pre-prepared for you, and a personalised flower essence remedy is prescribed complementary as part of the consultation.

Reiki and Visualisation
**For emotional support** The session begins with simple visualisations appropriate to your needs eg. to clear and calm the mind, strengthen, protect, and heal the body, to bring clarity and attention to the present moment, to energise the body, or to improve a sense of grounding and connectedness. The visualisation work is followed by receiving revitalising hands on healing energy (“reiki”) from the practitioner - nurturing and calming for a greater sense of peace and well-being. You do not need to be experienced in meditation.

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